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indomitable Genius

As i said earlier "Indomitable genius" is the title of my first CD album which contains a number of original songs composed , written and arranged by Lister Elia.  


1. MAMA HAPPY.., love song in swahili language.        
2. TAKE ME TO THE PARADISE.., reggae tune in english.  
3. MAPENZI GANI HAYA.., the kind of love that makes mecrazy(in swahili).
4. SOLITUDE slow number,love song.  
5. VYOMBO VYA HABARI.. a song which praises mass media for their effort to get the people informed.           
6. TWISTS AND TURNS, reggae tune and the message is about the twists and turns of life.    
7. UTAMADUNI, in swahili language. This is a very unique traditional song with the message of reminding people the importance of protecting traditional music and culture in general.  
8. I'M AMAZED... love song about the power of love.

For those who wants to order this album, simply check information file & you will find  more details.

CD Information

My CD album "Indomitable genius" is available,for those who wants to buy just contact me through this mail address   

Tel no 81-80-5537-7564.And for those who

wants to buy my books Piano/Jifunze gitaa in Tanzania or abroad,you can contact me or mr David Tuppa the sales manager of Central Tanganyika press(CTP) P.o box1129 Dodoma Tanzania.Tel no 026-2300012.Or Arusha Kase stores LTD,or SKM dar-es-salaam bookshop.The price of "Piano" is Tsh 3,700 each copy almost 4$ and Jifunze gitaa Tsh 600.Get your copy now,it will be a special gift even for your friends,children

Lister's DVD

About music,Lister Elia thinks globally & indeed his music is scatterd into various types of music from afro pops/traditional to jazz and reggae, but still he has his own musical color and style. He does compose in swahili, english and sometimes in japanese and also in his native mother tongue inorder to deliver soothing sounds and perfect message to his fans and shove out language barriers as much as he can.Though, his DVD is in final touch Lister gives you a glimpse of his songs in his DVD dedicated to all his fans around the world. Songs like "Mpambano"(struggle), Mama Happy, Music of the people, Solitude, Hasidi(rude person) and I wanna make U mine.. will truly define his words.