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Lister Elia,recently visited his native  country Tanzania in order to promote his albums,video clips,his books also he performed live concerts in Zanzibar Busara festivals among others.

He also visited New Life Orphans Centre located in Dar es salaam in order to support them,give them a ray of hope and mostly to learn firsthand about the negative effects of AIDS,MALARIA and other deseases on children.There are said to be many children orphanage by AIDS,who are vulnerable to sickness,abuse,starvation and death.

AIDS is tearing down the fabric of society and killing the primary caretakers of children.AIDS is no longer only an adult problem,but a serious enemy to children as well.Many believe AIDS is contagious and dangerous.Misconceptions about the sickness make life tremendously difficult for AIDS orphans and families suffering with AIDS.

AIDS is killing the able bodies of the community,leaving only the old,the sick and the young.New Life Orphans Centre depends on donations from prominent politicians,business men and individual well wishers to take care of 120 children currently staying at the facility.

Lister Elia believes that it is about time to think about "WHAT HE CAN DO FOR HIS COUNTRY" instead of  "WHAT HIS COUNTRY CAN DO FOR HIM".He always wanted to be part of a group of  folks who wants to make a change in his society thus writing books,making music was part of a dream he is living now.His ambitions and strong desire to make a change directed him to visit New Life Orphans Centre where he was able to donate money,sports equipments,goats,cartoons of juice,sugar,rice,cooking oil among others.

Being able to see children smile again,that was a dream come true for Lister and he made a decision to stay close with orphans of this facility and support them whenever he goes back to his native country Tanzania.