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A  new book(novel) by the title  "TAMKO" is in progress.TAMKO represents TALANTA  MULOKOZI  KOTAISINGWA, a popular name  in Bukoba town in the North West province of Tanzania, near the famous Lake Victoria. TALANTA MULOKOZI KOTAISINGWA was a school mate at Kibaha Secondary school. His name was too long to pronounce, no wonder we shortened it to TAMKO. TA represents  TALANTA, M stands for MULOKOZI and KO represents KOTAISINGWA. TAMKO had a big dream in his life, and his dream was to become the wealthiest man in his land. TAMKO's passion for wealth drove him to go beyond overlooking education. To TAMKO, studying at the Primary or Secondary school was just a  waste of time!. He therefore didn't spend a lot of time reading like other children would do, instead, TAMKO engaged secretly in small businesses of various kinds like selling of sweets,ciggarates,pencils,and pens among others. He had to do so since it was against the schools rules and  regulations. TAMKO later decided to drop out of secondary school after being warned several times by the school's management. He therefore ended up as a street vendor where he specialized in the sale of small items in the streets of Dar-es-salaam. It was while in that business that he met mr  Nawaz, who described himself as a Tanzanian of Pakistan origin. Nawaz made friendship with TAMKO and managed to recruite TAMKO into illegal business. TAMKO knowingly or unknowingly carried sales of illegal drugs. To TAMKO this suited him so well since he could make quick deals in a short time.  Nawaz agenda was however different and so he arranged for a proper training in Pakistan.This made TAMKO so famous since he acquired the right skills to sell drugs from one country to another. It took only months and TAMKO was qualified enough to dodge police men and immigration officers during  his trips to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, America, europe and the Far East. Within a year and half TAMKO became a fabulous wealthy man and returned to his native country where he started his own company. TAMKO changed tricks and got himself to sell big items like brand new cars to small items  like match boxes, of course under cover. While his business expanded faster and he became very famous, TAMKO was murdered in mysterious circumstances in Nairobi ,Kenya, a neighboring  foreign country.His body was mutilated and cut into pieces. You could hardly have recognized him. Who killed TAMKO? why would the killers go after TAMKO and end his life in a foreign country? Was it possible for the killer or killers to be brought to books? will justice prevail for TAMKO? Did TAMKO deserve to die or was innocently murdered? What was the aftermath of his death?. Find out all this and  much more from Lister Elia thrilling novel TAMKO to be released soon. This is a story full of imagination though some of the parts depict the writer. You cannot miss out on this one on the bookshelves!. To all my fans, and lovers of music around the globe, to whom i truly dedicate and hope that  you will enjoy reading TAMKO and find out the other side of Lister Elia.